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Reduce your print fleet costs with a Managed Print Solution from Focus Print.


Printers of all types are often spread through an organisation with no central control and oversight. Managed Print Services enables you to control and reduce costs, rationalise supply and deliver environmental benefits.

In many organisations, print devices have been purchased from different suppliers, and manufacturers, with different consumables and service definitions. In many cases the overall costs are not known and represent a prime opportunity for inefficiency and waste. Whatever the complexities of the situation, the first step is to gain clarity on the current infrastructure and service and apply the most appropriate course of action.

At Focus Print we can support every type of client needs’, subject to the maturity of your current state. If you are looking at this spend area for the first time then we would guide you towards our Primary MPS service. If you have taken some steps to rationalise but believe you have further to go then we can quickly benchmark your current services against our Primary service. This service typically saves customers up to 40% of their current costs), and in parallel consider whether our Expanded MPS service could further enhance service and value. If you feel that you have already optimised your costs of printing, then a thorough review will establish how much further forward our Enterprise MPS service could transform your results to date.

All our engagements commence with our Professional Management Services team provisioning a thorough review of your existing situation, making sure that we learn fully about your organisation and circumstances before making recommendations. Customers who choose to work with Focus Print will be assured of our commitment through all stages of the engagement and ensure continuous improvement and savings throughout the life of the associated contract.


Benefits of a Focus Print Managed Print Solution

  • Device Rationalisation
  • Cost control
  • Detailed reporting
  • Reduced carbon
  • Reduced waste
  • Enviro friendly

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