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Focus Print recognises its responsibilities towards the environment and believes that the management of environmental issues should be an integral part of the business. As part of a continuing drive for quality, Focus Print is therefore committed to minimising the impact of all operational processes on the environment by means of a programme of continuous improvement.

Focus Print ensures that all equipment is sourced from suppliers with manufacturing facilities that are ISO 9001 accredited. Focus Print also ensures that all equipment manufactured meets the applicable quality standards including Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency and the Blue Angel award for minimising ozone emissions or comparable manufacturing standards.

Focus Print provides full toner recycling support and conforms to both WEEE and RoHS guidelines. To minimise waste going to landfill, returned equipment is refurbished under license and waste materials, including toners are collected and sent to accredited waste processor or recycling facility. By working with Ricoh, Utax, Canon, Focus Print has developed a programme to control the disposal of manufacturer’s product and consumable waste equipment, to reduce the amount going to landfill to a negligible level, in support of the WEEE Directive.

Focus Print closely monitors and controls all document-based processes to optimise savings, limit risk and manage the carbon impact and energy consumption of a solution.

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